A warm welcome to the Health Ecology Centre. We believe that everyone deserves to live a long, happy and healthy life but we know this can be hard for many to achieve.

Through our Programs we will teach, support and empower so you too, can live well, live happy and live long.

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Healing From Cancer Support Program

A cancer diagnosis means your immune system is in poor shape.  Our Healing from…

The Health Ecology Solution Program

When you combine immunobiology, human ecology, yoga & more, what's the result?…
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The Health Ecology Centre

Bill Giles and his team have been offering a truly unique, holistic and personalised approach to overcoming health problems and uncovering and removing emotional stress for over 28 years.

Our approach, draws on our vast experience of working with tens-of-thousands of clients over the years - coupling science with Eastern philosophies - that allows us to identify and treat the root causes of ill health, not just the symptoms.

Our MISSION is to support you to:

- Alleviate a dependence on pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries.
- Learn lifestyle changes that will enable you to keep your health for life.

Our unique approach to life transformation and health care, combine the principles of human ecology, evolutionary biology, immunobiology, evolutionary psychology, yoga, oriental and western natural medicines.

We work closely with you to firstly, rebuild and optimise your overall physical health. Then we teach you powerful and effective methods to uncover and permanently remove the limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding back your full potential in you, your health & your life.

We will EDUCATE & EMPOWER you.

Educate - we don't encourage you to blindly follow our (or any) advice! We teach you what we know and we support you to do your own trials so you come to know your body and your health better than anyone else!

Empower - We give you tools you can use for the rest of your life to manage your health and live long and live well.


Why Choose The Health Ecology Centre?

We help people with chronic and acute health conditions, those who feel stuck or depressed within their life as well as those simply looking to maintain optimal health and well-being.

Many of our clients have been diagnosed but their health has not improved with mainstream medicines and treatments.

Some of our clients simply feel unwell and exhausted all the time and they know something is wrong with their health but have not been able to pinpoint the problem.

Wherever you fit in - if you are simply sick and tired of feeling sick and tired; if you want to inject some passion and momentum into your life; if you want to better understand who you are and why certain things keep occurring in your life or if you want to lose weight and get more energy...

We can help you.

When you go through one of our Programs you will find that symptoms of chronic or acute disease disappear. Many of our clients find that symptoms they didn't even know were symptoms disappear! You will lose weight, reduce bloating, have increased energy and start feeling and moving your body in a much easier way.

You will be able to look at your life with renewed eyes and start to shift blocks and limiting rules that have held your life potential back. You will gain a momentum and passion pull that will move you toward your greatest dreams and goals.

Our Programs will positively impact many areas of your life - physical health, how you feel about yourself and emotional well-being, relationships, finances & career.

To find out which Program is right for you, we recommend you contact us on the numbers below for an initial consult.

+61 (0) 2 6282 6800 / +61 421 889 164

Hello! Meet The Team


Bill Giles

As a practicing clinical biologist specialising in immune-related illness, Bill Giles has…

Larisa Zoska

Larisa Zoska is a qualified herbalist experienced in homeopathy, bioenergetics and neuro…

Jo Roy

Jo is the Program Director at the Canberra Medical Ecology Centre.  A…


I was diagnosed with an advanced anal cancer tumour 9 years ago.  I was initially treated with chemotherapy and radiation. The cancer has since metastisised several times resulting in 3 major surgeries and further chemotherapy and radiation.

Fortunately a friend told me about Bill Giles Ecology Centre. I have been seeing Bill and Larisa regularly for a year and have adapted his holistic approach to my life. His advice is sound and based on his many years of research and his own personal journey. I understand now what is driving my cancer and how I can take control of it by caring for my immune system. I feel great since beginning my signature diet and taking homeopathic drops; I’ve lost weight; I am exercising more; I attend restorative yoga as well as acupuncture. Best of all my headspace is great, I sleep well and I’m convinced with Bill by my side I will have good health well into the future.

I see Bill regularly in Canberra and look forward to our chats. I especially love his little anecdotes he throws in every session, the little extra things like how to wash my mouth each day, mutras for when I’m driving and feeling tired. He is never rushed, or boring and I find him easy to talk with. He has an answer for all of my questions and I have access to him by email always for the little things that pop up between visits. I see a team of medical professionals regularly who are very happy with my progress.

I’m forever grateful to Bill and Larisa for changing my lifestyle. My only regret is I didn’t know about them earlier.


Sue Dawes, Canberra

Bill Giles has been my yoga teacher for 30 years and I have been his client since he opened his first clinic. Bill has assisted my husband and me and continues to do so, with multiple chronic gastrointestinal tracts and other issues, when no-one could assist (including weird bugs collected working in the tropics). Bill continually updates and adjusts his living therapies to the latest scientific findings. His focus on cancer and chronic diseases is producing ground breaking results. Whatever your issue, physical, psychological or both, his caring and profoundly intuitive methods provide a personalised approach that empower the patient and lead you on the path to recovery. Our thanks and upmost gratitude for keeping us healthy.

Christine Boulan-Smit, PhD.

Imagine my surprise when I received a call from my GP congratulating me on achieving  such good results of late following my pre-op at the hospital. All blood tests were cleared OK so my operation can go forward. BUT the biggest pat on the back is that my diabetes  HAB1C result had been reduced to 49.5. Non diabetics reading would be 48 which as he said means I am close to being cleared as never seen before. He was over the moon. And all based on following the Program from you. Thank you.

Update...on the last test, my readings are now NON Diabetic. I am over the moon!

John Shapley, UK